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We asked Alexei to provide the activities for our daughter's 7th birthday party. The party ran for over 2 hours in our local woods with 17 children altogether. It was absolutely fantastic - the children universally commented on how much fun they had and the parents who stayed commented on what a good idea the activities were for a party. The activities included den building, team games, bow and arrow making and toasting food over a camp fire. They were all really well run and we couldn't fault any aspect of the party.

The party was run by Michael, who was fun and energetic with the children (mainly girls ages 10/11!). They played tug o' war, made a shelter, lit the fire (practised first with the flints to make sparks), cooked sausages over the fire and then were split into teams to hide a scarf and then had to retrieve the other teams scarf back to their base camp. It was a cold, wet November day and sprints were kept high to get them revved up!! Only complaint……the kids (and I) wished it could have been 4 hours long and not 2, we weren't ready to split the party up.

Very enjoyable party, kids absolutely loved it and talked about it whole evening. Alexei was great. Would highly recommened.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great Bushcraft party yesterday. My daughter absolutely loved it and has scored huge 'cool' credentials at school with lots of the kids saying its the best party they've been to for ages!

An unforgettable party this was. Birthday girls enjoyed the fun filled, energetic and creativeley themed party. I wanted something different and bushcraft perfectly for it. Alexi and his team are good instructor and works very well with kids. The activities were very well organised which is a big plus for any party. All the kids and parents enjoyed the party. Kids enjoyed shelter making, bow and arrow making, sack race, tug and war, marshmallow on fire and many more. Kids and also parents loved the theme. Well done Alexi !!

The party was just brilliant. We had 18 or so 6 and 7 year olds for two hours running around the park after school having a blast. Cooking their own food, toasting marshmallows and playing games. It was a perfect party- kids happy, parents happy, birthday girl happy and most importantly, (or not) I the mum was really happy and could enjoy the party.

Bushcraft Parties -specifically Pete- provided a fabulous birthday party for my 9 year old son. Pete was great with the children- helping them all out when needed. He was full of energy and super-positive; encouraging those children a bit nervous. The kids were screaming with laughter and running around having great fun. They loved the bows and arrows and hide and seek and squealed with disgust at the mealworms and locusts. It was brilliant. Thanks Alexei too for excellent organisation and swift responses to queries. Much appreciated.

The party was AWESOME Alexei, thank you so much! James was utterly charming and kept 15 rowdy, excitable and very exuberant 6 year old boys totally engaged and entertained from beginning to end. It was the first bushcraft party this group of boys had been to and they loved it! As they left, we heard several voices saying it was the best party ever. And Angus absolutely loved it too - a very happy birthday boy indeed. Thank you again.

The sunshine was on our side and it was wonderful to see the kids away from screens and doing den building, marshmallow toasting, making camp fires and having potato sack races! The stuff that childhoods are made for! A huge thanks also to Mike who was fantastic with the kids and great at keeping them focused, particularly during the bow and arrow making! I would massively recommend this party to anyone with kids who love the outdoors!  A 5 out of 5 from us!

Alexei ran a Bushcraft party for my 8 year and 20 of his friends. I have to say it was one of the most refreshing experiences we've had. The boys were captivated with all the many outdoor activities Alexei introduced them to and loved the experience of building their own fire to toast marshmallows and sausages. Many, many thanks Alexei. I would highly recommend Alexei and his Bushcraft parties.