August 21, 2017
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I had a really fun woodwork party this week – a group of 11-year old boys who were really keen, but didn’t like the sound of most of my prepared projects, so mostly made swords and shields instead. They worked really hard and all went home with a sword worthy of whacking their brother or dad with! And here’s a pic of the birthday child cutting his cake…with a saw of course.









I got home of some old decking timbers so made a planter for the garden. I just cut six pieces for each long side and four for each end (all 1 foot long) and screwed them together onto a piece of batten. They all went onto a base, also of decking. I just now need to scrounge some decent soil to put in the thing. No doubt some local builders will be sending a few tons of perfectly good topsoil to landfill pretty soon, so I’ll help myself to that instead.


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