Team Members


Born in Greece, Photis, inescapably developed a close affinity to nature, a relationship continuing upon his settlement in the UK, training as a scientist and having a chance to teach and tutor all age ranges to university level.
Photis has participated in a number of conservation projects in this country and abroad, is a passionate hiker and cyclist, currently volunteering through the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
Photis is thrilled to work with children and young people, getting a great deal of satisfaction from imparting his love for the outdoors, hoping this will be the spark for a lifetime of fascination; he also likes lighting (contained!) fires.


Michael has been climbing trees, camping and spending time out of doors since he remembers. Setting up campfires and toasting marshmallows make up his best childhood memories. Living just outside London allows him to benefit from easy access to the countryside. He hikes, plays football and swims to keep in shape. His favourite party 'game' is tug of war - particularly when the kids play against the grown ups!


Jack is a full-time bushcraft instructor, working with groups of children in the Edale Valley and training them in abseiling, canoeing, firelighting, orienteering and lots more. He has learnt his skills both through hands-on experience and also through a number of training courses, and is has been known to sleep out in a rough shelter he has made himself!


Angela's love of the outdoors started during early childhood when her parents took her on camping trips with the cubs and scouts. Most school holidays involved camping or bivouacing, shelter and den building, kayaking, canoeing, tracking animals and watching birds. Her passion for the outdoors grew as she completed her Mountain Leadership training and took on a role as a Field Studies Tutor at an outdoor centre in the Lake District.
She has since travelled extensively and completed a number of mountaineering routes in the Andes, Himalayas and long distance routes across the UK, including the West Highland Way, Hadrian's Wall coast to coast walk and the Cumbria Way to name a few. With over 15 years experience working with young people as a teacher in London and West Yorkshire Angela has great enthusiasm for helping young people develop their potential and engage in new outdoor experiences.


James is a Banking graduate born and raised in West London and proud to be part of a huge family. Unlike most guys (and Banking Grads), the latest gadgets and technological advancements do not interest James, simply because there's way more fun to be had outdoors playing golf, camping, fishing or even just people watching. James is currently the manager of a Fruit n Veg Juice bar in Central London which suits his active lifestyle and allows him to help people get their 5-a-day whilst also keeping himself healthy.